Walker County is nestled into the Appalachian foothills just to the northwest of Birmingham, Alabama. The county has been known for mining and timber in the past, along with its wonderful people and Southern charm. But, being in the center of the so-called Dixie Alley, it’s also notable for its severe weather. The county has seen severe floods, fires, ice storms, and catastrophic drought through the years, along with temperature extremes; however, perhaps the most frightening aberration of nature that Walker County plays host to is the tornado. Dates such a April 3 1974, November 10 2002, and April 27 2011 bring back haunting memories for many residents. This page exists to help document the tornadoes that have affected the county in the past. The focus will primarily be on the disastrous tornadoes of November 10th, 2002, but any and all tornado activity in the county will also be eventually documented here. With time, I plan to fill this page with stories, survivor accounts, interview transcripts, photos, videos, weather data, and anything else I can gather with the help of local residents and meteorologists. Watch this space!

I need the help of anyone and everyone with information about Walker County AL tornadoes, so if you have anything to share, or know anyone who may be able to help, please send me an email at dreaming.of.the.vale@gmail.com and I’ll add it to the site. Thank you!