This page exists to help document the tornadoes that have affected Walker County, AL, in the past. The focus will primarily be on the disastrous tornadoes of November 10th, 2002, but any and all tornado activity in the county will also be eventually documented here. With time, I plan to fill this page with stories, survivor accounts, interview transcripts, photos, videos, weather data, and anything else I can gather with the help of local residents and meteorologists. I need the help of anyone and everyone with any sort of information, so if you have anything to share, or know anyone who may be able to help, please contact me at and I’ll add it to the site. Thank you!

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Walker County Tornadoes is the brainchild of a 27-year old who grew up in Walker County, medically classified as a Dangerously Hopeless Weather Nerd (DHWN). Therapy may be his only hope for recovery, if indeed he ever admits to this obsession being a problem. My guess is he won’t. He wastes most of his under-employed time on the Internet and can be usually found posting under the name EquusStorm or Horsesnhurricanes. He likes weather, staring at tall trees, Swedish death metal, and Fluttershy. He is both mysterious and highly boring. He is best approached with caution, or with chocolate. You know, as a peace offering.